Mandela Effect: Finding Your Own Truth in an Ever-Changing Reality

Finding Your Own Truth in an Ever-Changing Reality

By Raymond Bonang

As I go about my life, I look upon strange headlines, events, and conflicts in the world. I find myself asking questions I thought I would never ask before.  Like why do people remember things differently? The map of the world, the anatomy of the human body.  Are my memories real?  Are they distorted? Are the people who say they have all the answers telling me the truth?  Google, Wikipedia, CNN, Fox News, The officials, the people with the degrees.  It may seem comforting for some to turn to somebody else for the truth, but I believe that there is something spiritual about the search for our own truth as conscious beings.  For those supposed arbiters of truth may be creating a false narrative to support their own selfish interest.  Greed, wealth and power create the ultimate desire to control your fellow man. If you woke up one morning believing that your heart was on the left side of your body, but someone told you, No! your heart is in the center of your body, wouldn’t you wonder how this could be so? It is this feeling of wonder that is being thoroughly debunked in our society, as we submit to the will of authority to provide us with the answers we seek. It is in this climate that the ultimate deception becomes possible: that we are not conscious free thinking beings, but beings of flesh and blood, roaming this earth only seeking instant gratification and self- indulgence.  The great C.S. Lewis described this fate in his work, The Abolition of Man, as he wrote, “The final stage is come when Man by eugenics, by pre-natal conditioning, and by an education and propaganda based on a perfect applied psychology, has obtained full control over himself. Human nature will be the last part of Nature to surrender to Man.”1 

As a free-thinking man, I hold a principle that you should attempt to answer life’s questions by observing your own experiences and the world around you.  As such I have adopted my own views and I will share with you the logic behind it.  I hold that as a necessary truth my memories have to be real, for if I agree to the notion that they are distorted than there is not much value in the human experience:

I remember my heart being on the left side of my body, now it is in the center.  I also remember Australia being at a more southern point on the globe, now it is further to the north.  This circumstance leaves no possible explanation according to the current laws of physics, and leads to a question of a supernatural nature:

Have I died, and gone to some other earth, and awoken in a human body that is different?

There answer is, YES.  There must be something to the multi-verse theory where there are many, many different realities.  My supernatural answer to this question leads me to adopt a view that may be difficult for some to believe but one that I know in my heart is true:

We live our present lives thinking they are continuous. They are not.  You may have died many times without even knowing it.

There are many different realities, which one may call universes, which one may also call dimensions. That exist all at once, in different points in what we call time.  You get one human body per reality.

You have a Spirit and a Consciousness

Your Spirit exists in all realities at once.  It connects them.

Your consciousness can see only one reality.

When your body dies that one reality, your consciousness shifts to another reality where you have not died.

You do not remember dying, or how you died in your previous reality.

It is an instantaneous and almost seamless transition.  People places and things are slightly different.  Things seem off, but you keep going due to circumstances you cannot change.

There must be some kind of lesson you have to learn along the way or you will repeat it over and over again.

             In adopting this view, I see that C.S. Lewis was onto something when he wrote, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, the story where children step through the doorway into an alternate reality where people places and things are different, and they go to meet with the one god, the lion, with many different names. For when I compare my view with the beliefs of the worlds major religions, I find that they are all the same, although with a different play on words.  For example, the Hasidic Jews believe that death is an interruption.  Or as my hasi friend told me, “You get to commune with the dead, or better put, you get to continue the conversation.”  Have you ever had an experience where you almost got into a horrible car accident but you somehow miraculously survived?  You may have died in this reality, but your consciousness shifted into that reality where you didn’t die, and you get to continue your conversation you were having with the other occupant of the car.  One could also say that Jesus’ crucifixion and death was an interruption.  On the 3rd day Jesus was resurrected and got to continue his conversation with his disciples. And of course, all of this is could also be called re-incarnation, or “re-birth,” as Robert Plant the lead singer of Led Zeppelin likes to call it.

The final point that that I would like to make in writing this article is, if the ancients, without the aid of scientists in white coats, particle accelerators, or search engines, could all come to a consensus on the truth, why can’t we?


  1. S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man, (Samizdat, 2014) pg. 30.

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