Mandela Effect Rebirth Blog: Is Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin the first sufferer of the Mandela Effect?

Many people remember Robert Plant, The Lead singer of the band Led Zeppelin dying. I am one of those people.  But, here in this reality he is still alive.  This makes the chance to see a Led Zeppelin reunion yet another added benefit of being reborn. Another interesting aspect of the Robert Plant connection is that if you look at his music, and especially the band member’s symbol choices on the cover of Led Zeppelin 4, it contains symbolism that is discussed regularly in the Mandela effect community.   One of his songs, Kashmir may give us a clue that he was one of the first people to suffer from the Mandela effect. Listen to the lyrics where he describes being a “traveler in time and space,”  Could it be that Plant came from a reality where there was no country called Kashmir?  Was this song based on a trip he took to a country he had never heard of?

(more below video)

The band member’s symbol choices are also important.  Plant chose a feather in a circle, the feather symbolizing freedom of travel and the ascension to a higher spiritual plane.  John Bonham chose the borremean rings, which I describe in detail on the blog homepage.  John Paul Jones chose a triquetra symbol similar to the borromean rings.  Another clue is the name of Plant’s current band, the Sensational Space Shifters.  His song choices also give us a window into his experiences and beliefs. Songs Like I’ve Never been Gone, which sounds like it is tailor-made for a person who thought he was dead.  Another interesting song choice is “I’ve been fixed on dying,” which I have also included in a link below.   When asked of religion, plant has stated, “No, I follow the old ways of the islands I come from. And that is pretty intangible. Ask a Comanche. Go to Fort Sill in Oklahoma. Ask them about God.”¹  More recently he has stated that he is  a Child of the Sun.  Plant also regularly discusses rebirth.




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