Mandela Effect Re-birth: Celebrities like Jay Z and Justin Timberlake believe in it

Here at the Mandela effect re-birth blog, we don’t believe that the Mandela effect is happening because of some grand Illuminati conspiracy, or particle accelerators opening up a black hole, or any of that nonsense. It is happening because of something that has always been going on, called re-birth.  You can read more about it on the blog home page but I’ll give a brief description:  While it may seem like there is only one world, one earth, our universe actually consists of many many parallel worlds. Some are very similar to are own, many are very different.  Think of your life as traveling down a path.  Every decision you make creates a branch in this path.  The choices we make seem absolute, but the potential for you to travel down that other branch in the path exists in another parallel world. All possibilities are realised.  Lets say you are driving home from work, you leave at 4:00 pm, and on the way you die in a car accident. In another parallel world however, you left at 3:55 pm and you missed getting into the accident.  When you die in the world where you left at 4:00, your consiousness shifts into the world where you left at 3:55.  This is what I call Re-Birth. Memories of your previous world linger. This is why you remember things differently. In essence, you never die, rebirth always takes place. When you get old and die, after all probabilities are exhausted, you shift to a world where you are a baby again, and live an alternate life.  We are all Immortal. Rebirth is symbolized by  the all-seeing eye symbol, which represents the trinity of god, your body, and your soul intersecting to form your higher or true self, which separates from your body at death and passes on to the next world.  When you see celebrities like Jay Z, Beyonce, or Justin Timberlake making the all-seeing eye gesture, it doesn’t mean that they’re part of the Illuminati.  It signals that they believe in Re-birth.  If you believe in Re-Birth, make the all-seeing eye gesture with pride.

Musicians who believe in it write about it in their music all the time.  A perfect example of this is Justin Timberlake, and the music video for his song Mirrors.  Timberlake wrote the song in tribute to his grandparents,  his grandfather having passed away a month before the song’s release.  The mirrors symbolize the intersecting worlds.  The song itself symbolizes that when someone you love dies in your world, they are still alive in another world on the other side of the mirror.  In the first scene we see a world where the man has died.  The woman’s ring, which consists of multiple intersecting rings, symbolizes the intersecting worlds. It is not evident just by watching this scene that the man is dead, however, the symbolism in the next scene confirms it.  Mirrors clip 3In the next scene we first see the all seeing eye symbol.  The couple is much older in this scene, and they are  alluding to the man’s death in the previous scene. Notice as the woman points to the triangle shaped portion of the shirt, the shirt’s tag representing the eye.  Mirros clip1Watch as the couple points to the heart, which the ancient Egyptians believed was the seat of the soul, the essence of life, and gesture outward signaling that the man’s consciousness has passed on to the next world. This scene is the key to the meaning of the song. mirrors clip 2The all seeing eye appears another time at the party scene. Note how the man in the video is dead in the beginning of the video, but by the end of the video it shows how he is still alive in another world on the other side of the mirror.  You will also see many scenes where there are objects in groups of 3.  This symbolizes  the power of 3, or how god, your body, and your soul intersect, forming your higher or true self.

(scroll down after the video for more).


The director of the video Mirrors, Floria Sigismondi (a true master of symbology), has Rebirth as a theme in many of her works.  Take for instance the video for Anything Can Happen, bye Ellie Goulding.  The symbolism is less abstract in this video.  In the first scene we see a triangle shaped mirror,  representing both the all seeing eye, and as it is a mirror, intersecting worlds.  The next few scenes contain floating spheres, which represent the many different worlds.  Toward the end of the video, the couple dies in a car wreck in one world, but is then re-born in another.

TI’s video for Dead and gone contain’s symbolism for re-birth also when they sing, “the old me’s dead and gone, but this new me’s gonna be alright.” You will see objects such as crosses grouped in three.   Also note the scene near the end of the video with the prison tower showing the number 2.  This symbolizes that humanity is stuck in the prison of  dualistic thinking, either you are with me or you are against me.  The prison of duality.  Watch the video to see for yourself:

Rick Ross is another artist who’s work shows a belief in rebirth.  Listen to Puff Daddy and don’t act like a mere mother fucking mortal:


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