Mandela Effect ReBirth Blog: Politics Through the Lens of Life and Death – The Gloria Steinem Abortion Shirt Photo

At the Mandela Effect ReBirth Blog, we believe that many public figures, such as Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany,  use a certain hand gesture to convey to others a belief they hold about life and death.  It is called the all-seeing eye gesture,  the triangle gesture, or in Merkel’s case, the Merkel-Raute.  Conspiracy theorists have incorrectly labeled this gesture as an Illuminati symbol.  It is not.  What it really signifies is a belief in rebirth.  You can read more on the blog homepage, but here is a brief synopsis:  The universe is multi-dimensional in nature. When you die, your consciousness shifts to a dimension where you are still alive.  You are re-born.   In essence, you don’t really die.  Whenever you do die, rebirth always takes place.  In a society that tends to shun such non-mainstream ideas, public figures are forced to keep their non-traditional beliefs in the shadows, for fear of public ridicule.

One such public figure who has made the all-seeing eye gesture is Gloria Steinem.  The photo shown above was taken by Tara Todras Whitehill, for the I had an abortion Project.  In the photo, Steinem is seen prominently making the all-seeing eye gesture.  This raises the question: is her support for abortion based solely on her feminist views?  Or do her beliefs about life and death play a much larger role than we know?  Does she believe that aborted babies live on in another dimension?  In the past she has said the following about religion, “It’s an incredible con job when you think about it, to believe something now in exchange for something after death. Even corporations with their reward systems don’t try to make it posthumous.”  Based on that statement, and her pose in the photo shown above, it sounds to me like Gloria Steinem is a stong believer in rebirth.  Hopefully, society will reach a point when issues like life and death are not such a source of division, and beliefs such as rebirth can enter into the public discourse.

Editors Note:  At the Mandela Effect Rebirth Blog, we believe that rebirth is something that can unite the non-religous, the religous, and the spiritual alike.

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