Mandela Effect ReBirth Blog: Another celebrity believer, Rick Ross

As you may know, at the Mandela Effect ReBirth blog I believe that the Mandela Effect is occurring because ReBirth is taking place.  The universe is multi-dimensional in nature.  When you die, your spirit shifts to dimension where where you are still alive, on another earth that is a near mirror image of your last dimension.  People places and things are slightly different and memories of your previous dimension linger, this is what causes the Mandela Effect.  In Essence, you never really die, rebirth always takes place.

I have also said that many world leaders, public figures, and celebrities share this belief.  And to show this belief, they use the all-seeing eye gesture, or the all seeing eye symbol.  Another perfect example is…….rapper Rick Ross.  I don’t even have to break down the meaning behind these videos, they speak for themselves.  If you find yourself feeling like your walking around in a world full of mere mother f&*king mortals, check out these videos:

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