Mandela Effect ReBirth Blog: What Guides me

Have you ever asked yourself, what is my destiny?

From the Pyramid Texts:

148: Your head is that of Horus of the Duat, O Imperishable One, your brow is the One-with-the-Two-Eyes, O Imperishable One, your ears are (those of) the Twins of Atum, O Imperishable One, your eyes are (those of) the Twins of Atum, O Imperishable One, your nose is (that of) a jackal, O Imperishable One, your teeth are (those of) Sopdu, O Imperishable One,
149: your arms are (those of) Hapy and Duamutef, which you need to ascend to heaven, and you ascend, your legs are (those of) Imsti and Qebehsenuf, which you need to descend to the lower heaven, and you descend. All your members are (those of) the twins of Atum, o Imperishable One! You did not pass away, your ka does not pass away.
You are a ka!

I am a Akh:

I have died many times.  However, the word death itself is a misnomer, for I am an immortal spirit.  I am in another body, on another earth, everything seams different, yet humans act the same.  I can see a battleship heading east,  It’s captain playing a silly children’s game.  As the ship approaches the coast an archer fires a missile high into the morning sky.  As I watch, I wonder, does the archer know he does not die?

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