Mandela Effect ReBirth Blog: The Freemason Connection

In this digital age we tend to think that the ideas and trends of the day are fresh and new.  Take for example the Mandela Effect, which to me represents a mass awakening in the collective consciousness that reality is not what our culture has lead us to believe.  It is the belief of this blog that the Mandela Effect is caused by Rebirth, the idea that our physical bodies are only temporary vessels, that we are primarily spiritual beings, and that upon death our spirit and consciousness shift to another body in another dimension.  Biocentrism,  another supposed new idea, is providing the scientific rationale for the idea of Rebirth.  Dr. Robert Lanza, one of the most influential scientists of the day puts forth this theory in his work “Beyond Biocentrism, rethinking time, space, consciousness, and the illusion of death.” (click here to learn about Biocentrism)

While the ideas of Rebirth and Biocentrism may seam new, these beliefs have actually been held by prominent Americans since this country’s founding. Discussed privately in the halls of Freemasonry,  they have been influencing our policy under the surface for decades. For they are not new ideas, but merely a rediscovery of knowledge first recorded thousands of years ago by the people of ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians believed that death was just a transition to a life in another realm that was a near mirror image of life on Earth.   Upon death,  a person’s “Ka,” their soul, or life energy, was separated from the physical body.  This belief  is illustrated in the following passage from the Pyramid Text’s:

 149: your arms are (those of) Hapy and Duamutef, which you need to ascend to heaven, and you ascend, your legs are (those of) Imsti and Qebehsenuf, which you need to descend to the lower heaven, and you descend. All your members are (those of) the twins of Atum, o Imperishable One! You did not pass away, your ka does not pass away.
You are a ka!

(Click here to learn about the Ancient Egyptian concept of Life after Life)

The predecessors of the Free Masons learned of this knowledge during the crusades, and since then they have passed this knowledge down to future generations through their rituals and literature.  Norman de Clifford, a prominent Freemason of the early twentieth century, describes this in his 1907 work “Egypt The Cradle of Ancient Masonry”.  De Clifford describes how Masonry was “cradled on the banks of the Nile,” and that it is “a lineal descendant of the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries.”¹  He continues, “Now, in proving the name Free Mason to have been of Ancient Egyptian origin, it follows, that it must have been connected with the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, for the teachings of the one are identical with the other.”¹

The similarities with the Pyramid text above are evident as de Clifford describes the Mason concept of the soul in the following passage:

“To achieve it {a just equilibrium}, the Mason must first attain a solid conviction, founded upon reason, that he hath within him a spiritual nature, a soul that is not to die when the body is dissolved, but is to continue to exist and to advance toward perfection through all the ages of eternity.”¹

de Clifford elaborates on the Masonic view of death in the following passage:

“Although he stands in the very shadow of Death, yet will he learn that within his own heart he carries the light which shall lead him through the valley of the shadow, to more sublime heights of the Ineffable degrees of our beloved
fraternity. He will realize that there is no Death, for what we call Death
is simply the disintegration of molecular forms, to be made manifest
eventually in many others.  This disintegration of the physical body of man, animals, plants,
etc., occurs as soon as the life forces or controlling soul departs. The mass
of living elemental units, composing the physical body of man, being no
longer controlled or co-ordinated, separate one from the other, putrefaction
or decay ensues, and the body becomes a mass of unrestrained, unregulated lives, destroying the form or body by their own especial forces.  The physical body of either man or animal once more becomes the dust
of the earth, and he will now realize the Truth of the statement, ” Though
I die yet shall I live,” for we must distinctly understand that Death is
merely the Inn by the wayside, simply the bier upon which the body is
laid. He will eventually realize that all men must pass through the gates
of Death before they can enter on the road that leads to immortality.
Death does not annihilate the true spiritual man, but just simply destroys
the form or personality, the old shard or shell, the tegument of clay that
has been the house in which the individuality, or higher self, has been
enabled to manifest itself on the physical plane.”¹

The core beliefs of the Freemasons are supposedly secret. However by reading texts like the one I have cited, it can be deduced that the core belief of Freemasonry is our immortality, that our bodies are temporary, and our souls, our true self, are eternal.   From their inception the Masons hid their beliefs in symbolism and allegory for good reason, the Catholic Church in the dark ages would brutally crack down on any form of belief that differed from it’s own teachings.  Today however, beliefs like Rebirth and Biocentrism are starting to creep into the mainstream discussion.  The question arises,  will the organization shed some of it’s ancient secrecy?  Will world leaders that have been influenced by Freemason beliefs, most notably former President Barak Obama, and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, share with us those beliefs that have influenced their policy decisions under the surface?  No matter what the outcome, I think it is important for historians and Journalists to note these beliefs so that policy decisions can be placed in the propper historical context, and I will attempt to do so on this blog.

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  1.  Norman Frederick de Clifford, Egypt The Cradle of Ancient Masonry. Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company 1907.

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