Jim Carrey “Bizzare” interview explained

In writing this blog I hope the mandella effect can help lead people to learn about some new theories about the universe and existence itself.  Biocentrism and Advaita Non-Duality propose that the material world is an illusion. We exist in reality as pure consiousness or pure energy.  Google these terms to learn more.  Based on this recent red carpet interview, it appears Jim Carrey is yet another celebrity believer in these theories.  JimCarrey is correct, we are all energy, and life is like a meaningless game.  You dont have to worry about dying, Life is not a struggle like you have been lead to believe, so sit back and enjoy the ride.  If you want to know what Carrey is talking about, dont listen to the idiots on TV, learn about Biocentrism and Non-Duality.



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