Death Dreams, Memory Compression, Could we live out alternet lives in our sleep without even knowing? The Narnia Effect

Recently, I had a vivid dream of dying. But the most important part of this dream is what preceded the experience of dying.  It was as if I had experienced a years worth of life events, like a year’s worth of experience flashing before my eyes in a dream.  This leaves me wondering, did I actually live out these events?  In the months following this dream, I have had an intense feeling as If I have lived through this before,  intense feelings of de-ja-vu.  I can remember the same things happening, except this time playing out slightly different.  Could our consciousness have the ability to compress a years worth of life experiences to seem as if they occurred in the space of a dream, in order to create the illusion of continuity as our consciousness changes reference points to a parallel world? A parallel world where the event which caused that chain of events leading to a death scenario, does not occur?  This seems entirely possible in a consciousness based universe where there is no such thing as time.  If there is no such thing as time, we could live an entire lifetime in what seems like an instant.  How many alternate lives do we live without even realising? Perhaps this is the mechanism  the imagined self  uses to create an uninterrupted narrative, as our perspective shifts between worlds for all eternity.

The alternate life in your sleep scenario: You go to bed at night, you wake up in the morning, and go on to experience 40 years of events. Uppon reaching the end of this life path, these events commpressed uppon death, your consciousness switches reference points to a point in a parallel world when you are still sleeping that original night.  You wake up the next morning having experienced a 40 year alternate life without knowing it.

To visualize this think of the C.S. Lewis story The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Where the children step through the doorway into a parallel world, Narnia.  They live out alternate lives well into adulthood, when they go back through the door they switch reference points back to a world where they are children, and it is like an entire lifetime went bye in an instant.

The Narnia Effect

A tool our consciousness uses to stretch out events to cteate the sense of a “lifetime”, and to squeeze these events together as if they occured in an instant in order to create the illusion of maintaining a physical form as we switch reference points.   Your life flashing before your eyes before death is the Narnia Effect in action, this is the compression of events taking place. Memories of these compressed events are stored like data on a disk, accessible by our subconscious.  We can recreate images of these experiences in our dreams.  They also are responsible for creating the feeling of deja-vu.

Imagine you are walking along a giant revolving wheel. As you walk, a window opens up. A branching path representing an alternate life stretches out like a rubber band. Reaching maximum tension, the path snaps back, compressing upon itself until retracted, the window slams shut.  Your unchanged physical form then continuing along the wheel experience ing yet more windows, more experience s, for eternity.


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