A Commentary on the Dis-function of Society: The Analogy of The Arms

         As many of us read the newspaper or watch the daily news, we sense that something is wrong with our society, but we can’t quite put a finger on what it is. Amid the chaos and hatred, it is tough to make sense of it all. But I believe there is a simple way of understanding societies problem, which I like to call the analogy of the arms. You see, society operates like a person walking around all day with their stronger arm, lets say their right arm, fighting with their weaker arm, their left arm.

       The arguments can be broken down as follows: The right arm makes statements such as, “I have to do all the work, that left arm is a freeloader and that’s not fair!” The left arm makes statements such as, “The right arm has more muscle than I have, and that’s not fair!” Yet somehow as individuals, even though we have one arm that is stronger and one arm that is weaker, they manage to get along. For we know that we are one organism, and that when we eat, both arms get fed!

       It is as if someone wanted to control our society and they came along and took the right arm aside and said, “Right arm! You are better than the left arm because you are stronger!” Then they took the left arm aside and said, “Left arm! While you might not be as strong as the right arm, you are more intelligent!” And in doing so, it’s as if the controller has turned off a light switch, separating positive and negative terminals, leaving us in a state of darkness and disharmony. You see, people have a polarity to them, and we won’t be able to turn the light back on until we realize that as the Hindus say, “We are one self,” and as Jesus said, “I am the alpha and the omega,” we are both the right and the left!

The personality of the alpha is one which values competition and strength.

The personality of the Omega is the dreamer, and one which values intelligence.

Our Genetics are a way of reading our Alpha/Omega polarity. Click here to learn about how genetics help shape our politics: The Genes of Left and Right

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