BREAKING NEWS: Former U.S. President Barack Obama Following White Supremacist Twitter account linked to a Russian fake news pusher.


Breaking News you heard it first at the Mandela Effect Rebirth Blog.

Former President of the United States Barack Obama has been following a white supremacist Twitter account linked to a Russian fake news pusher.

@_aklane Eyes Circled @DSADavidDuke

This profile regularly retweets Richard Spencer:

@_aklane retweeting Richard Spencer

Barack Obama is receiving Richard Spencer retweets in his feed:

Barak Obama Following @_aklane

The lazer eyes are the signature of the person behind the Twitter account shown below, who is a Russian fake news propagator, along  with American White Supremacist groups like Identity Evropa. He also coordinates fake news memes with Richard Spencer.  It could very well be possible that the @_aklane Twitter account could be run by the same individual.

David Duke Profile

He is a pusher of fake news narratives like the recent Fake Nebraska Rep. Stover incident:

Buchanan Stover Retweet

Here he is retweeting Richard Spencer:

Buchananan Richard Spencer

@_aklane represents the interests the same individual:

@_aklane Eyes Circled @DSADavidDuke



@_aklane Barack Obama Following

Another example of the ak lane account retweeting white supremacists:

@_aklane retweeting Defend Europa

Coded Secret messages being transmitted over Twitter? Decide for yourselves…

Note in Parking Lot

Note in Parking Lot page 1.png

Notice the Super-Imposed NH, this stands for Nathan Hale, the historical American spy… who said, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” A message to a spy? Decide for yourselves…


Pets Are Delic Meat

Coded instructions are found on the travel twitter account this person is talking to:


Travel profiles like @mysticflights could be used by foreign intelligence services to transmit coded messages to avoid the interception of their communications. There are many fake profiles in the digital sphere, and it is wise to verify the authenticity of the people you follow..



Barack Time and Date Stamped:


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