Britney Spears Following White Supremacist Linked Twitter. Official HBO twitter for True Blood and The History Chanel also Following.

Breaking News, Britney Spears is Following a White Supremacist linked Twitter Account, as well as the official Twitter for HBO Trueblood and The History Chanel.

To Update Soon.


Official HBO True Blood and History Chanel Twitter accounts also following:

Britney Spears following @_aklane

HBO True Blood, And the History Chanel Following.jpg


@_aklane Eyes Circled @DSADavidDuke

@_aklane retweeting Richard Spencer

@_aklane retweeting Defend Europa

Barack Obama Is following too:

Barak Obama Following @_aklane


Linked to Russian Backed Twitter that is known pusher of Fake News (The Laser eyes are his signature:

David Duke Profile

Known Pusher of Fake News like the the recent Fake Nebraska State Rep Stover Incident:

Buchananan Richard Spencer


Coded messages hidden in fake Twitter accounts? You decide…

Note in Parking Lot

Note in Parking Lot page 1



Pets Are Delic Meat

Could coded messages possibly linked to foreign intelligence services be hidden in fake Twitter profiles? Decide for yourselves…



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