Breaking News: Official HBOTrueblood and Official History Chanel Twitter Accounts Following White Supremacist Account

White Supremacists at HBO and The History Chanel! Breaking News: Official HBOTrueblood, and Official History Chanel Twitter accounts are following a white supremacist Twitter account linked to a Russian fake news pusher. Whoever follows this account gets daily Richard Spencer tweets in their feed. Tell HBO and The History Chanel to put a stop to white supremacy at their offices!

HBO True Blood, And the History Chanel Following.jpg


@_aklane Eyes Circled @DSADavidDuke

@_aklane retweeting Richard Spencer

@_aklane retweeting Defend Europa



Linked to Russian  Twitter account that is known pusher of Fake News (The Laser eyes are his signature:

David Duke Profile

Known Pusher of Fake News like the the recent Fake Nebraska State Rep Stover Incident:

Buchananan Richard Spencer

Coded messages hidden in fake twitter profiles? You decide…

DEATH THREATS? Notice the Super Imposed N and H. This is a reference to the historical Nathan Hale :

Note in Parking Lot

Note in Parking Lot page 1



Pets Are Delic Meat

Decide for yourselves…



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